Dr. Brad Boivin

Brad has been working in the health services field since 1994. His first experience was providing direct care services to individuals with developmental disabilities in residential group homes and later providing hospice care to terminally-ill patients.

As a psychologist, Brad has provided services to individuals with a broad range of mental health diagnoses and in various clinical settings: community counseling centers, inpatient psychiatric hospitals, outpatient clinics and a maximum security prison.

Brad has been trained in various psychological interventions and authentically integrates various theoretical approaches into his clinical work. However, his underlying clinical philosophy emphasizes the autonomy of the individual, the value of the therapeutic relationship, and the profound influence empathy, genuineness and unconditional positive regard have on the ability of his patients to realize their potential and live a more rewarding, satisfying and healthy life.

As a health service provider, Brad has witnessed firsthand what happens at the intersection of overly burdensome government regulations and clinical practice. He is passionate about using his experience to inform sound public policy that gets unnecessary government regulations out of the way of sophisticated mental health services and promotes the potential of individuals and the communities they inhabit.